What is WebApi?

WebApi is new light weight web technology which is transform the data through one and only HTTP(s) protocol. This is not alternate of WCF but it's more suitable for mobile, tablet and simple data transaction using HTTP/HTTPS protocal.

what is the base class of WebAPI?


Difference between WCF and WebApi?

The WCF Experience

The Web API Experience

1. Complex publication model 1. Tightly coupled to HTTP
2. Highly configurable transports 2. Content negotiation
3. Better serialization 3. Open-endded formatting
4. Well integrated with IIS, also easy self host 4. No reliance on a platform
5. Very rich metadata (SOAP) 5. (Almost) no metadata (REST)
6. Difficult to test 6. Solid resource-orientation
7. Rich data contracts hint at resource-orientation 7. Easy to test
8. A highly-adaptable but complex 8. A Simple, HTTP-centric, hypermedia suppot
  9. Hypermedia As The Engine Of Application State